Xier Fabbrica della Birra is in fact much more than a restaurant. It is a welcoming place where diners can enjoy a different lunch or dinner every day of the week, thanks to the vast selection of dishes on offer. Free choice is fundamental to this versatile restaurant: Xier is very attentive to presentation, offering a buffet of tempting dishes, ready to enjoy and portioned so that everyone can fill their plate just how they like it, experimenting with different ingredients, with flavours, aromas, shapes and colours that are always new, all to be prepared to order in the large open kitchen set up in the centre of the restaurant, where diners can admire our chefs at work as they prepare each dish. Xier chooses only the best for its customers, from the most highly-rated professionals in the kitchen to ingredients that are always fresh and authentic, prepared with imagination and attention to detail. Whether you are here for an informal meeting, an evening out with friends or a family meal, at Xier you can cross geographic boundaries and enjoy the perfect fusion of different cultures and traditions. It is has a cosmopolitan spirit that never fails in its attention to good cooking and good service.

The Event Space adjacent to Xier Fabbrica della Birra is the perfect place for hosting any special occasion, whether formal or informal. This versatile space was designed for holding personalized events, like ceremonies, private parties or business gatherings, meetings, business lunches or dinners, or simple aperitif or appetizers and presentations. Ad hoc technical support is offered for all occasions, as is service organized down to the smallest details. The Xier Event Space offers a cutting-edge audio-video system, a kitchen and dedicated event staff, a fully-stocked bar and a large stage and projector for use in any situation.
The large open space is contemporary and elegant in style, with a large room that can be divided according to need into three separate areas. The classic character of the red and ivory marble floors is balanced by the modernity of the ceilings, decorated with lights and coloured LEDs, for creating ambiance and atmosphere according to your needs. The possibility for personalizing the colour of the lights is what makes this Event Space unique. Thanks to the soft ceiling LEDs you can coordinate the room with your own colour scheme, creating a unique space that gives your event an original style. The room staff dedicate their talent and skill to setting up the space, so that guests can see, hear and participate from every area in the room.

In order to offer a constantly-evolving culinary selection, Xier gathers up the best of world gastronomy. Here, you can enjoy the sushi bar, immerse yourself in a Latin American atmosphere with a delicious Brazilian churrasco, indulge in our imaginative pizzas and dishes made to order, with a large range of possibilities to tempt adults and children alike, or even design your own combination of dishes with a mix of flavours from all over the world. And all accompanied by the famous beer made on-site at the restaurant: large beer kettles are set up at the Xier Fabbrica della Birra to produce the microbrew beer that has brought the restaurant fame over the years. Short on ingredients, long on taste: malt, hops, wheat, water and spices. From the expert mixing of these raw ingredients we create the Xier beers, offered in four varieties, without additives or preservatives. Once you discover the pleasure of accompanying your meal with the beer that best complements its flavours, you won't want your meals any other way.


Via Rutilia 16, 20141 Milano, Italy
ph. +39 02 56 91 616
fax +39 02 56 81 87 15