Xier di via Lepetit, long-celebrated in Milan and the surrounding area, won its fame with its friendly atmosphere and wide menu selection, making it the perfect place for satisfying the tastes of a varied and demanding clientele. Located near the Central Train Station in Milan, Xier enjoys the advantages of a location easily reached by all transportation means, and is bustling with activity day to night. To satisfy the needs of its customers, Xier offers one menu at lunch and another at dinner, inclusive of every type of dish, whether first courses, second courses of meat and fish, the grill or dessert: this is Asian cuisine at its best, from all points of view.

Xier makes use of its space in an unusual and interesting way, placing the magic of the fire and the mastery of our chefs on view for our customers, cooking all of our dishes to order and using preparation methods that become a demonstration of bravura and a fascinating form of entertainment for diners. The Xier professional chefs are ready to cook whatever the customer desires, whenever and however the diner prefers. The restaurant offers truly tailored service, for a completely personalized meal.


Via Lepetit 20, 20124 Milan, Italy
tel. +39 02 67 48 19 99
fax +39 02 66 71 62 81

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