In the heart of Milan's Chinatown, Jubin is the perfect restaurant for tasting the authentic dishes of the Asian tradition: it is the place to go for a welcoming atmosphere, impeccable service and a vast selection of tempting dishes. Jubin welcomes its customers in a space set up on two levels, decorated with beautiful wood flooring, ceilings, finishings and booths. A charming corridor invites curious diners to get familiar with the ingredients and ideograms related to our cuisine, colourfully painted on the walls and accompanied by translations, perfect for friendly competitions with your dining companions between courses.


Jubin loves to think of itself as a “trattoria”, emphasizing the friendly, familiar and hospitable mood that flows through its rooms. The service is attentive and the kitchen selects healthy ingredients that are optimal even in terms of their price-quality ratio. Jubin invests all of its experience and passion for good food in every dish, sharing this commitment with its customers every day. These characteristics have long made the restaurant beloved and frequently visited by its customers, as well as appreciated by the Asian community. Its capacity to satisfy all palates and its spacious setting, perfect for a romantic dinner for two or large groups, are the elements that make all dining experiences at Jubin a delight.

The menu offers dishes from the Chinese tradition as well as forays into Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. You can choose from among the classic dishes or be more daring in your choices, like a real aficionado of Asian cuisine, tasting the wide variety of typical dishes, often unexpected and opening the palate to a world of sublime flavours. Three fixed menus are offered to our customers, from which you can choose a different combination every time or opt for total immersion in a single culinary style, knowing that you will always find the same commitment to care, professionalism and mastery in every dish.


Via Paolo Sarpi, 11
20154 Milano, Italy
(angolo Via Bramante)
tel. +39 02 33 10 67 28
tel. +39 02 34 90 278
fax +39 02 33 60 93 08

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